Settling In Service (SIS)

There are so many challenges and uncertainties when relocating internationally, interstate or even locally.

Our SIS is here to assist you with local knowledge regarding any services you need and or questions you need answering in regard to your move.

This is a customised practical service, ideal for people who would like a local point of contact, suggestions or introduction to assist you find a home, and the services that you need when moving to a new area, from schools to services such as Dentists, Doctors, telephone, electricity and utilities etc. and to generally familiarise you with your new neighbourhood.

International SIS

Mary-Anne is moving from Texas in the USA to Sydney. Mary-Anne has never been to Sydney. We are in touch with Mary-Anne via skype to have a detailed discussion to ascertain what type of service it is she requires, what her interests are, and what her family needs to settle in. We put together her requests and she completes a form to include any other items she may have thought about after our meeting (or have be raised by family, friends etc.).

We are in touch regularly (by Mary-Anne’s preferred method) to understand and address her needs. Our service is supplied both before relocation, and after Mary-Anne and her family arrive in Sydney. As Mary-Anne is coming for the first time to Australia she uses our 6 month service option, so she can call or contact us at any time with further queries as they arise.

Local SIS

Ben and Ali are from Sydney and are moving into their first house located in a different suburb. They have a baby and both work full time.

They need assistance with removalist, service connections, child care and local amenities. We meet with Ben and Ali and discuss their requirements based on their budget. They have chosen to use the service for 1 month.

As you can see from these examples this Service is designed to be flexible and ensure we can assist anyone who is relocating and we supply our experience and local knowledge to assist with their move.

Whether you are a single person moving here as a Student or a family relocating internationally we can assist with you with making that move as easy as possible.

Please email Danielle at for any enquiries regarding our SIS.